1 verb past tense and past participle made, PRODUCE STH
1 (T) to produce something by working: I'm going to make a cake for Sam's birthday. | Did you make that dress yourself? | a car made in Japan | They're making a documentary about the Civil War. | make sth out of: You could make some cushion covers out of those old curtains. | make sth from: We made a shelter from leaves and branches. | make sb sth: Shall I make you a cup of coffee? | made (out) of: a blouse made of silk
2 to produce something by doing something, often by accident: make a hole/dent etc: Make a hole in the paper. | make a mark/scratch etc: Who made those marks on the wall?
3 (T)
a) used with some nouns to mean that someone performs the action of the noun: make a decision/mistake etc: It's time to make a decision. (=to decide) | Come on, you guys - make an effort! | The company was about to make a major purchase.
b) used with some nouns of speaking, to mean that someone says something: make a suggestion/comment/observation etc: May I make a suggestion? | Jackson made a short statement to the press, denying all the charges.
4 make an appointment/arrangement/date etc to arrange to do something, meet someone etc
5 make a contribution/donation/charge etc to give or ask for money for a particular purpose: We have to make a small charge for use of the facilities.
6 make an appearance/entrance etc to suddenly appear somewhere or enter a room
7 make a start to begin doing something
(+ on/with): I'd better make a start on the ironing. CAUSE A STATE/SITUATION
8 (T) to cause a particular state or situation, or make something happen: make sb/sth do sth: That tune makes me want to dance. | This lever here makes the heating come on. | I like him because he makes me laugh. | make sb/sth: You could make this a really nice room if you got a new carpet. | the movie that made him a star | make sb ill/happy/popular etc: The decision made her very unpopular with the staff. | It makes me so angry to see children being treated like that. | make sb feel good/guilty/sick etc: Jo's reassuring comments made me feel better. | make sb look old/thin etc.: This photo makes her look much older than she really is. | I like the dress Jan, it makes you look really slim. | make yourself heard/understood etc: I had to shout to make myself heard above the music. | make it clear (that): I want to make it clear that I don't agree with this policy. | make it known (that): He made it known that he would not be running for re-election.
9 make trouble/a noise/a mess etc to do something that causes trouble, noise etc: The kids had made a terrible mess. | Do you have to make such a row?
10 make sb captain/leader etc to give someone a new job or position in a group, organization etc: She's now been made a full partner.
11 make sth the best/worst/most expensive etc to result in something being the best, worst etc of a particular type: These findings make Britain the country with the worst record on pollution.
12 (T) to force someone to do something, or force something to happen: make sb do sth: They made us write it out again ten times. | Marcia made the poor girl cry. | be made to do sth: I was made to wait two hours for an appointment.
13 (T) to earn or get money: She makes about -, a year. | We made $, out of selling the house. | make money: Dunson's one aim in life was to make money.
14 make a living (doing sth) to earn the money that you need: He makes a living repairing secondhand cars.
15 make a profit/loss to get or lose money in a trade or business: The company has made a big loss this year.
16 (linking verb) to be a particular number or amount when added together: Two and two make four. | So if Jan comes that makes four of us.
17 (linking verb) to have the qualities, character etc necessary for a particular job, use, or purpose: I'm sure Penny will make a very good teacher. | The hall would make an excellent theatre. | An old cardboard box makes a comfortable bed for a kitten.
18 make believe to pretend that something is true, especially as a game: We made believe we were on a secret island.
—see also: make­believe
19 make like AmE spoken to behave in a way that you hope will give people a particular opinion of you: He makes like he's got it all figured out.
20 make as if to do sth to move in a way that makes it seem that you are going to do something: Fred, still grinning, made as if to hit me.
21 make it informal
a) to arrive somewhere in time for something: If we run, we should make it.
(+ to): I just made it to the bathroom before throwing up.
b) to be successful in a particular activity or profession: I never thought Clare would make it as an actress. | make it big AmE (=be very successful): They've made it big in show business.
c) spoken to be able to go to an event, meeting etc that has been arranged: I'm really sorry, but I won't be able to make it on Sunday after all. | We didn't make it to the party in the end.
d) to live through an illness or after an accident, or manage to deal with a very difficult experience: Frank was very ill, and the doctors didn't think he'd make it.
(+ through): I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day.
22 make it up BrE to become friendly with someone again after you have had an argument: Have you made it up with your sister yet?
23 make it up to to do something good for someone because you feel responsible for something bad that happened to them: I'll make it up to you one day, I promise.
24 make it quick/snappy spoken used to tell someone to do something as quickly as possible: Two coffees please, and make it snappy.
25 make it 6 o'clock/4.30 etc BrE spoken to think that it is a particular time, according to your watch: "What time do you make it?" "I make it half past two."
26 make it with AmE to have sex with someone
27 (T) to decide that something is a particular amount or total by calculating: I make that $150 altogether.
28 make do (with/without) to manage with or without something, even though this is not completely satisfactory: New clothes are expensive, so you'll just have to make do with what you've got.
29 make way
a) to move to one side so that someone or something can pass
(+ for): The crowd stepped aside, making way for the riders.
b) to be removed so that something newer or better can be used or made instead
(+ for): Several houses were demolished to make way for an office development.
30 make your way
a) to move towards something, especially slowly or with difficulty: We made our way down the hill towards the town.
b) to slowly become successful in a particular job, activity, or profession: Gradually, Henderson began to make his way in politics.
31 (T) informal to arrive at or get to a particular place: I don't think we're going to make the town before nightfall. | We didn't make the 6:30 train.
32 make the meeting/the party/Tuesday etc spoken to be able to go to something that has been arranged for a particular date or time: I'm sorry, I can't make Friday after all. | Will you be able to make the next meeting?
33 make a deadline/target/rate to succeed in doing something by a particular time, producing a particular amount etc
34 make the papers/headlines/front page etc to be interesting or important enough to be printed in the papers etc: News of their divorce made the headlines.
35 make the team/squad etc to be good enough to be chosen to play in a sports team: He'll never make the football team.
36 make a difference to cause a change, especially an improvement, in a situation: Their help has made a big difference to the team's success. | I tried to reason with him, but it made no difference. | make all the difference: That one extra day off made all the difference.
37 make a (phone) call to speak to someone using a telephone: I have to make a few calls.
38 make time to find enough time to do something, even though you are busy: Somehow, she always makes enough time to take the kids out.
39 make the bed to pull the sheets and covers over a bed so that it is tidy after someone has slept in it
40 make or break to cause either great success or complete failure: Critics can make or break a young performer.
41 it makes a change spoken especially BrE used to say that something is pleasantly different from normal: It makes a change to get something other than bills in the post!
42 that makes two of us spoken used to agree with someone's opinion or to say that something that happened to them has also happened to you: "I think I've had enough of this party." "That makes two of us."
43 make to do sth old use to seem to be starting to do something: Greg made to speak, but I stopped him.
44 MAKE STH PERFECT (T) informal to provide the qualities that make something complete or successful: The hat really makes the outfit.
—see also: made, make sb's day day (35), make friends friend (2), make good good 1 (43), make sense sense 1 (9) USAGE NOTE: MAKE COLLOCATION There is no simple rule for when to use make or do. Generally you make something that did not exist before: you make lunch/ trouble/ peace/ a noise/ a plan/ a joke/ a mistake/ a speech/ a promise. But other verbs are used in phrases like these: I asked a question. | He gave an answer. | We nearly had an accident. Make is also used when someone or something is changed in some way: She made him comfortable. | He made a success of it. | They made friends. | How much money did Shane make? But They did a lot of harm/damage. When travel is involved, it is safer to use go: They went shopping/for a picnic/on vacation/on a trip. But you can also say: They did the shopping and They made a trip to Boston. You do other actions: They did some exercises/some research/a test/the TOEFL exam. | Would you do me a favour? But you make fun of someone, make use of something, and make an effort/attempt/start. Sometimes you would use take instead - you take a class/take a look at something/take a ride on something Do is especially frequent with words that describe work and activities, often ending in -ing: Her husband does all the shopping and cooking. GRAMMAR Apart from in certain fixed phrases, you do not use an adjective immediately after make: She always makes her classes interesting (NOT She always makes interesting her classes).). You make someone do something: The police officer made them empty their pockets. (NOT The police officer made them to empty their pockets). However, you do use to for the second verb when you are writing or speaking in the passive tense: They were made to empty their pockets. make away with sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 informal to steal something: Thieves made away with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.
2 old-fashioned to kill someone
make for sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to move towards something, or move in a particular direction: We made for St. Louis as fast as possible.
2 to be likely to have a particular result or make something possible: The larger print makes for easier reading. | Such statements don't exactly make for racial harmony.
—see also: be made for each other made (2) make sb/sth into sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to change something so that it has a different form or purpose: We can make your room into a study.
2 (T) to change someone's character, job, or position in society: a film which made her into a star overnight
make sth of sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to understand something in a particular way, or have a particular opinion about something: I don't know what to make of Kristin's recent behaviour at all. | What do you make of this latest idea?
2 to use the chances, opportunities etc you have in a way that achieves a particular result: Your college career is whatever you make of it. | I want to make something of my life. | make the most of (=use an opportunity as successfully or usefully as possible): We only have one day in Paris, so we'd better make the most of it.
3 make a go of sth BrE informal to make something as successful as possible by trying hard or working hard: She's determined to make a go of the business this time.
4 make too much of to treat something as if it is more important than it really is: The press made too much of what was only meant as a joke.
5 make a day/night/evening of it informal to decide to spend a whole day, night etc doing something: Why don't we go for a meal after the movie and really make an evening of it.
6 do you want to make sth (out) of it? spoken used to say that you are willing to have a fight or argument with someone
—see also: see what sb is (really) made of made (4) make off phrasal verb (I) to leave quickly, especially in order to escape make off with sth phrasal verb (T) informal to take something that does not belong to you: Two young men attacked him and made off with his wallet. make out phrasal verb
1 (transitive make something out) to be only just able to hear, see, or understand something: I can scarcely make out his writing. | make out who/how/when etc: We couldn't make out what they were talking about.
2 (transitive make someone out) informal to understand someone's character, or what they think, feel, want etc: Stuart's a strange guy - I can't make him out at all.
3 make out a cheque/bill etc to write a cheque, bill etc: Make the cheque out to 'Spencer Cross Ltd'.
4 (T) informal to claim or pretend that something is true when it is not: make out (that): She always makes out she's the only one who does any work. | make sb out to be sth: Oh, Sean's not as bad as he's made out to be.
5 make out a case (for) to find good enough reasons to prove something or explain why you need something: I'm sure we can make out a case for hiring another assistant.
6 (I) especially AmE to succeed or progress in a particular way: How did you make out at the interview?
7 (I) informal, especially AmE to kiss and touch someone in a sexual way: making out in the back seats of cars
8 make out like a bandit AmE informal to get a lot of money or gifts, win a lot etc: Those kids make out like bandits every Christmas.
make sth over phrasal verb (T)
1 to officially and legally give money or property to someone else: He made over the whole estate to his son.
2 AmE to change something so that it looks different or has a different use: I've made that old blue dress over into a skirt.
—see also: makeover make towards sth phrasal verb (T) to start moving towards something.: She made towards the door. make up phrasal verb
1 EXCUSE/EXPLANATION (transitive make something up) to invent a story, explanation etc in order to deceive someone: I think they're making the whole thing up.
—see also: made­up
2 SONG/POEM (transitive make something up) to invent the words or music for a new song, story, poem etc: We even made up a rude song about it.
3 SB'S FACE (intransitive, transitive make someone up) to put special paint, colour etc on someone's face in order to change the way they look: They made him up as an old man for the last act of the play.
—see also: made­up, make­up
4 PREPARE/ARRANGE (transitive make something up) to prepare or arrange something by putting things together: I could make up a bed for you on the couch. | Get the chemist to make up this prescription for you.
5 FORM/BE (transitive make up something) to combine together to form a particular system, group, result etc; constitute: Women make up only 30% of the work force. | be made up of: The committee is made up of representatives from every state.
—see comprise
6 NUMBER/AMOUNT (transitive make up something) especially BrE to complete an amount or number to the level that is needed: I saved as much as I could, and my mum made up the rest of the money. | Do you want to make up a four for tennis?
7 TIME/WORK (transitive make something up) to work at times when you do not usually work, so that you do all the work that you should have done: I'm trying to make up the time I lost while I was sick. | Is it OK if I make the work up next week?
8 FROM CLOTH (transitive make something up) to produce something from cloth by cutting and sewing
(+ into): I plan on making that material up into a dress.
9 FRIENDS (I) informal to become friendly with someone again after you have had an argument
(+ with): Have you made up with Patty yet? | kiss and make up: When are you two going to kiss and make up? —see also: make up your mind mind 1 (4) make up for sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to make a bad or unpleasant situation seem better, by providing something pleasant: That one weekend made up for all the disappointments I'd had.
2 to have so much of one quality that it does not matter that you do not have enough of something else: make up for sth in/with: What Jay lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm.
3 make up for lost time
a) to work more quickly, or at times when you do not usually work, because something has prevented you from working before: We rehearsed all day Saturday, to make up for lost time.
b) to become involved in an activity very eagerly, because you wish you could have done it earlier in your life: After all those years apart, we're making up for lost time getting to know each other!
make up to sb phrasal verb (T) to try to get someone's attention or approval by being friendly or praising them, especially in order to get an advantage for yourself —see also: make it up to make 1 (23) 2 noun
1 a particular type of product, made by one company: What make is your car?
(+ of): a different make of computer
2 be on the make informal
a) to be always trying to get an advantage for yourself
b) to be trying to have a sexual relationship with someone

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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